>dear s [chapbook]
big lucks

>such phantom [chapbook]

>until all the blues and greens reveal themselves each dawn [chapbook]

>lighthouses [poetry collection]
pangur ban party

Poetry [mostly]

>industry and promise, el cielo [forthcoming]

>l'esprit de l'escalier, graveyard hands (with dakota parobek), anxiety throne (with dakota parobek)

>are we a virus yet (with dakota parobek), sink (with dakota parobek)
noƶ weekly

>feral girlfriend, more like bushes, palm reader (with tracy dimond)
moonsick magazine

>5 assorted collages & poems
packet biweekly

>we are all made of stars
shabby doll house

>bike life (with justin carter), tap to edit (with dakota parobek), get defended (with dakota parobek)
electric cereal

>bonfire (with tracy dimond)
this zine will change your life

>dear s [5 poems]
illuminati girl gang

>dear s [7 poems]

>dear s [6 poems]
the scrambler

>my time in exile, good for you (with tracy dimond)
wu-wei fashion mag

thumbnail magazine

>webmd dictionary of medical defects: keyword index; albatross poem (with justin carter)
zoomoozophone review

>champagne vapour, narcolepsy (with tracy dimond), albatross poem (with justin carter)
where eagles dare

>body of water
voicemail poems

LOVEbook 2014

>dear s [one, two]
the bakery

>because my heart is bitter

>the heart is a lonely hunter
red lightbulbs

>on light, and its lack

>if you hold your breath, you will sink to the bottom [with john mortara]

>keeping time
untoward magazine

>three poems
cormac mccarthy’s dead typewriter

>half sun year
thousand shades of gray

>glass table girls; gapped
unsure if i will allow my beard to grow for much longer

have u seen my whale

>we sleep; we wake

>to judge judy
screaming seahorse

>the great decline
cormac mccarthy’s dead typewriter

>roadtrips to hell, high school revolution, cya, cya part 2
poetry by emily dickinson


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